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Welcome to QueerAF Milton Keynes. Multi-disciplinary speculations, investigations, and celebrations of queer, black and women led art and performance. An essentially-different arts festival for a city that is, different by design.


QAF MK is a multi-disciplinary, multi-day arts event, designed to investigate and celebrate the lived experiences, narratives and creativity of queer and/or black people and women. The festival is a curated programme of performances, disruptions, manifestations and expressions that we have either commissioned or co-developed and co-conspired with artists, to mount.

Please find the guidelines for submitting art works/projects below.

Programme Approach and Stimulus

This word chain is designed to show our thinking around queer and Place (Milton Keynes), and how this conceptual trajectory has got us here. Submitting Artists are welcome to engage with and respond to, this guiding principle of QueerAF.

Milton Keynes – ‘Different by Design’ – Essentially-Different – Queering the City

We are committed to 80% of the festival programme being ‘homegrown’ thus, works are selected from those created and or established in the city of Milton Keynes. 

The remaining 20% are artsworks, productions and expressions we have seen elsewhere, but we believe have the potential to inform and offer new concepts in place-making and community development for queer and/or black people, and women in Milton Keynes. A collection of ‘visiting ideas’ from which audiences can gather new ways of thinking, feeling and acting about ourselves and the world.

Our approach to programming is considered under our Social Value Management framework. We actively encourage submissions of Artwork(s) that can extend and generate social value for audiences and/or participants. This also means we view Artists as critical Stakeholders of the festival, and their work is more than just a contribution(s) or commission(s). Please contact us if you wish to discuss Social Value in-depth in relation to your practice(s). All commissions granted, will include a voluntary paid (£150) opportunity to participate in a short video interview, offering you the opportunity to explain your practice; share your approaches; and join us in celebrating queer, black and women informed and led work. This will also be used to promote your work in the festival, but critically led by your voice.

Submission Process Guidelines

The submission period is open from 1st April – 30th June 2024.

  1. What do you want to tell us about yourself and your work (500 words max).
  2. Include Artist(s)/Company CV/Portfolio (2 pages max).
  3. The Proposal – via written, visual, multi-media methods, etc- please introduce your artwork. (1000 words max for written submissions and any accompanying text to visual proposals).
  4. Get it to us! Make sure we have everything before the deadline. We aim to respond to all submissions within 14 days of the period closing.

We do not accept Scripts (Theatre/Film) or Literary/Publishing based proposals unless they are already in production. All submissions for Events/Immersive Experiences, must have at least 50% of core costs secured before submitting a proposal and a budget should be included.

If you are a venue or organisation interested in collaborating during the festival, please email to arrange a conversation. Proposals can be sent to: or Black Sheep Collective, Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes, MK14 6BN.